Office of Government Information Services Resolves Disputes, Guides Requesters & Agencies through FOIA Process

Established by the OPEN Government Act of 2007 and opened in 2009, the Office of Government Information Services (OGIS) oversees federal agencies’ compliance with FOIA, serving as a mediator between citizens requesting records and the agencies responsible for furnishing them.
A glance at OGIS’ case logs shows that they address the full variety of roadblocks [...]

FOIA Nets Letters from Companies that Didn’t Want Records Released

FOIA used to gain access to requests that information be withheld; it really happened

Digital Public Library Launches

Digital Public Library of America launched. Check it out.

Storm Feed Captures, Archives Congressional Tweets

LegiStorm causes mini-storm of its own by capturing and posting Capitol Hill staffer tweets. What will mom think?

Update: San Jose Appeals Ruling on Access to Gov. Officials’ Private Devices

Appeals Court gets case on public records access to elected officials’ private devices

Accessing Education World Records

Education records — not as off limits as you might think

Major CA Public Records Decision on “Private” E-mails of Governmental Officials

Are elected officials required to turn over public records stored on private devices? A recent CA court ruling says “Yes!”

Hospital Inspection Reports Now Online

Federal hospital inspection data now available and searchable.

California Public Records Act Expert Terry Franke Shares Insights

Sacramento Bee interview with Terry Franke, a man who has forgotten more about public records than most of us ever learn.

Irish Fish Merchant Preserved Thousands of Irish Public Records

Irish fish merchant teaches valuable public records lesson